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we have collected answers
to the most frequently asked questions

how to return a ticket?

If you were unable to attend the multimedia exhibition on the date indicated on your ticket, don't worry.

The ticket remains valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. You can visit the exhibition of your choice on a different date, or if it is not already on the schedule, you can come to any other exhibition, which will be held on a date convenient to you. Purchased tickets are subject to the weekday/weekend rule.

If you want to return the ticket for some reason, you may do it only if the request for a refund is received before the date indicated on the ticket. 

No refunds will be given on the day of the show or after the show date indicated on the ticket. To return one or more tickets, click on the link and follow the instructions.

where can i buy a ticket?

Tickets can only be purchased online at artplaymediakazan.ru

do i have to print the ticket?

No, you don't need to print the ticket. Just showing the QR code from your smartphone is enough.

как я могу восстановить утерянный билет?

В  случаях  неполучения купленных электронных  билетов  на электронную почту, утери купленных электронных билетов, а также указания неверного адреса электронной почты при покупке билетов  Вы можете восстановить  билеты, пройдя поссылке: https://intickets.ru/resend/

как до вас добраться?

Добраться до Центра цифрового искусства Artplay Media в Казани  можно следующими видами транспорта:

 метро  (станция  "Площадь Габдуллы Тукая")

• автобусы: №10, 10а, 29, 30, 35, 35А, 54, 63, 71, 90, 91 (остановка " Метро Площадь Габдуллы Тукая")

• автобусы: №1, 2, 31, 37, 47, 74 (остановка "Сквер имени Тукая")

• автобусы: №6, 15, 75 (остановка "Комбинат Здоровье")

• троллейбусы: №2, 3, 5, 7, 8 (остановка "Метро Площадь Габдуллы Тукая")

• троллейбусы: №6, 8, 12 (остановка "Сквер имени Тукая")


what are the conditions for visiting for people with disabilities?

People with groups I, II and III of disability can visit the exhibitions free of charge  weekdays. You can take one companion with you. He also goes to the exhibition for free. You don't have to buy a ticket. Just show your ID when you enter the exhibition.


can I donate a ticket to your exhibitions?

You can purchase a gift certificate for our multimedia exhibitions, which you can use on any convenient day throughout the year.

The gift certificate is a ticket for two people to visit Artplay Media Digital Art Center. It is valid for all of our exhibitions. After the purchase the recipient of the certificate will receive an email with instructions on how to use it. 

The certificate itself is a promo code. The recipient of the gift will need to choose a suitable date and exhibition on our website and enter the certificate data in the "promo code" field when filling out the ticket. 

Buy the gift certificate

can I go to the exhibition with a guide?

The Digital Art Center doesn't have an in-house tour guide, but you don't need one to go to the exhibition. There are text displays in multimedia exhibitions where you can read important facts about artists or the symbols inherent in their work. In addition, most of our exhibitions have a voice-over that tells you what's happening on the screens.

do you have a parking?

На территории Центра есть парковка, стоимость 70 руб/час.  Заезд на парковку находится справа  от здания. Также  перед зданием  Центра  есть  городская парковка. 

are the exhibitions scheduled or can I come at any time?

You can come to the exhibition at any time, but no later than 1.5 hours before closing time.

There is no strict starting time.

Exhibitions are shown one after the other in a loop. The duration of one cycle is 80 minutes.

what kind of music is played at the exhibitions?

There are some playlists of our exhibitions on our VKontakte page

are there any discounts for those who go to the exhibition not for the first time?

You are welcome to become a friend of Artplay Media Center for Digital Arts and use your loyalty program points to pay for tickets to exhibitions. Loyalty Program members receive 10% cashback in the form of points on each purchase to their account and can pay for up to 50% of new purchases with points. To register in the Loyalty Program you need to click on the button "Participate in the Bonus Program", which appears in each widget when you select tickets.

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