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Gustav Klimt
Gold of Art Nouveau

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20 august 2023 — 24 december 2023

Multimedia exhibition "Gold of Art Nouveau" is a modern and attractive multimedia show created by the Digital Art Center Artplay Media. Colorful projections accompanied by fascinating music let the viewer immerse in the paintings of Gustav Klimt. The project presents his best works. Pure golden shades, fancy ornaments and explicit female figures – all this the viewer will be able to see in the images displayed on the walls and floor of the hall.

The multimedia exhibition about Gustav Klimt allows you to get acquainted with the works of the founder of the Art Nouveau in Austrian painting, who began as an adherent of academism. He graduated from Art and Craft college, specializing in architectural painting. Gustav used to decorate theaters with frescoes and worked on the museum designs, and received an award from Franz Joseph for his contribution to art in 1888. Soon after, not only his life changed, but also did his work.

After his father and brother died in the 1890s, Klimt became the head of the family and began to develop his own individual style. He headed a group of Austrian artists who wanted to go beyond the traditional frames. The "Vienna Secession" association challenged the classical art and achieved success. At the exhibition "Gustav Klimt. Gold of Art Nouveau" the audience will be able to personally find out what exactly in his paintings shocked the people of the late XIX century. The attitude to the works of the Austrian genius was controversial. After completing the order for the University of Vienna, some called for Klimt to be imprisoned or expelled from the country. Challenging conservatism and moralism, Gustav started drawing what aroused his own interest – nude female figures. At the same time, he depicted sensual subjects without turning into vulgarity.

The exhibition "Gustav Klimt. Gold of Art Nouveau" gives a chance to study in detail the characteristic features of the master's style. Gustav tended to ornaments that is why his works are full of mosaic shapes and sinuous lines. Having stopped taking large government orders, Klimt focused on private work. Soon the "golden period" of his career began. This name was associated not only with the popularity of the master himself, but also with the materials with which he worked. Klimt used real gilding for his masterpieces. It was during that period that his most recognizable works appeared: "The Kiss", "The Judith I", "The Pallas Athene".

At the exhibition "Gustav Klimt. Gold of Art Nouveau" The viewer can try to unravel the symbolism of the paintings of the Austrian master and get closer to understanding his vision of the world. The artist himself wrote little about his methods and views, he did not even like self-portraits. He recommended that anyone who wanted to get to know him take a close look at the works he created.

Multimedia exhibition "Gustav Klimt. Gold of Art Nouveau" is a modern and emotional way to study the history of art and visit galleries. The viewer is immersed in the atmosphere and gets the opportunity to feel the sense of famous works of art.

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multimedia exhibitions6+
20 august 2023 — 24 december 2023

Cinema360 - this is a total multimedia installation, immersing the spectator into the sensual world of masterpieces created by great artists. The images are projected on huge screens and on the floor as well. The total area of the projection is about  650 sq.m.

Exhibition’s creators and copyright holders www.artplaymedia.ru


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