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8 september 2023 — 10 september 2023

On September 8-10, the international festival of media art "NUR" will take place in Kazan for the third time. Since 2021, the festival annually brings together more than 150 media artists, musicians and performers from 28 countries of the world. The events of the festival cover more than 10 locations throughout Kazan. Digital Art Center Artplay Media will become one of the festival venues.

On September 8, 9 and 10, from 16:00 to 23:00, the works of 3 festival participants will be presented to the audience as part of the festival program at Artplay Media:

Tatsuru Arai - a graduate of the Tokyo Music College and the Hans Eisler Music Academy in Berlin, a student of famous composers Akira Nishimura, Toshio Hosokawa, Bernard Lang and Wolfgang Heiniger. Since 2016, the Japanese artist has been composing Hyper Serial Music — algorithmic music created using the most modern technologies, including artificial intelligence.

At the festival Tatsuru Arai presented an incredibly beautiful work Face Of Universe. Plants play a key part in it as part of the terrestrial ecosystem of solar origin. In the installation, the shape of Seoul flowers is reproduced using an algorithm, images and music are generated by artificial intelligence.

Ali Phi - an artist of Iranian—Canadian origin, working at the intersection of art, science and technology. Via installations, autonomous machines and performances, he explores the basic mechanisms of new media, technologies, interactions and data. In Ali Phi practice, architecture and space play an important role both metaphorically and physically. The artist is looking for ways to interact between the physical perception of the human body and his mental experiments with space in order to provoke new images both in the artificially created and in the real world.

At the festival, Ali Phi will present an ENFE'AL collection based on a recent setting called Maqruh, referring to the concept of makruh in the field of Islamic law. The artist's work is inspired by the concept of liminality (the state of a person in the phase of "threshold", transients) and the contrasts between the dark atmosphere and the tranquility of electronic music combined with Middle Eastern and West Asian musical and visual motifs combined with Western digital processing technologies.

Rus Khasanov - an artist and designer from Russia, a master of creating hypnotic visual performances from everyday objects. Ruslan's works have been presented at exhibitions all over the world, and in addition, he has collaborated with many well-known clients, participating in the creation of commercials, music videos and art installations.

At the festival, the audience will be presented with the NUR installation from the DISCtortion series of works, which is a fascinating and mystical game of the sun with CDs, immersing viewers in a psychedelic journey. The inspiration for the abstraction turned out to be the sun energy and the phenomenon of iridescence — an iridescent optical effect familiar to us from childhood on CDs.

Entrance to the festival events at the Artplay media Center by tickets of the Main program of the International Media Art Festival NUR.

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8 september 2023 — 10 september 2023

Cinema360 - this is a total multimedia installation, immersing the spectator into the sensual world of masterpieces created by great artists. The images are projected on huge screens and on the floor as well. The total area of the projection is about 650 sq. m.


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